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Photo courtesy of Trussville City Schools.

These students were awarded scholarships for being chosen as top 10 competitors and have the opportunity to compete for more scholarship opportunities at the national level. Read more

School House

Trussville City School bus

Photo by Erin Nelson Starnes Media

Trussville City Schools was recently named one of the top five school districts in Alabama by Back Ground Checks. Read more

School House


Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Self.

This school year, the varsity team won the LAMP Invitational, its first victory in varsity competition. The junior varsity team defeated Spain Park High School’s junior varsity team to win the West Point Winter Invitational. Read more

School House


Photo by Ron Burkett.

“What I’ve seen is an all-call in a new war effort in this COVID-19 pandemic,” Neill said. “It is an all-call and a war effort against an invisible enemy. It’s a mad dash." Read more

School House

Hewitt-Trussville High School student Elizabeth Self won first place at the State Superintendents Show for Photography for the ninth and tenth grades. Read more

School House